Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just taking a wee dip in the pool!

I don't know if I made swimming in the pool look fun, but this was the first day this summer that Daisy had the courage to put her paws in the pool! Mind you, she LOVES the beach and gets right in the water, but there's something scary about our backyard pool that makes her a bit hesitant. Here she is with her 2 front paws in the pool...

Cute little girlie paws under water!

Getting a little more brave...

Woo-hoo! all 4 paws are in!! (The Bear wanted nothing to do with this)

Daisy had so much fun sticking her face in the water. Look at all that water fall off her mouth hahaha SO lady-like!

And to see it all in real-time...

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