Sunday, March 13, 2011

Patiently Waiting For That Opportunity...

... Of getting a free snack dropped on the floor! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Hitch Hiker...

Daisy loves to hunt for things out in the backyard. She hunts for bugs, creepy crawly things, her own shadow, cute little butterflies, and lizards. Cody? Not so much. He could care less. He just loves to sun bathe and be lazy. Although, he does tend to go nuts when there's hot air balloons in the sky up above, but how on Earth is he gonna catch those? So when I heard BOTH dogs running around making noises in the backyard, I thought it was kinda weird, so I decided to look outside to make sure everything was ok... And the minute I looked out the door, I saw something on Cody's back!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! There was a lizard hitchin' a ride on Cody's back and he had no clue!!! hahahaha And there they were, going nuts, looking for Mr. Lizard- frantically poking their noses in this one bush that I guess the lizard was first spotted... I wish I could have seen how Mr. Lizard got on Cody's back in the first place... Oh Cody... You really are just looks, huh? hahahaha

Here's a wee video of Cody and Daisy looking for Mr. Lizard, while Mr. Lizard was just hanging out on Cody's back! :)