Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cody shows Daisy what the beach is all about!

Daisy finally got her rabies shot and other puppy shots that will allow her to enjoy the beach! So Cody wanted to show her what his most favorite place is all about.
The anticipation is apparent in the car ride to Dog Beach!:

Daisy was a little apprehensive at first having the waves hit her and getting her body wet, but once she got in there, there was no turning back!

Daisy wanted to go out far with big brother Cody, but her tiny little body couldn't touch the ground anymore, so she swam over to him!

Daisy is quite the swimmer for it being her first time at the beach! She just kept swimming and swimming and swimming! Take a look at the video of her swimming!

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DanK said...

reminds me of duke when he was kicking my butt in da pool..damn