Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome Daisy!!!

Cody got a new baby sister today! We've been looking to get a little brother or sister for Cody lately, but have been waiting for the right one. When we went to the Helen Woodward Animal Center yesterday, we saw a cute little girl that looked EXACTLY like Cody! So we had to go get her! But before we were allowed to adopt her, we had to have Cody meet her first. So we took Cody this morning, and they got along very well! Daisy is 3 months old and is a Lab mix. We're thinking she's a Lab/ Husky mix like Cody since they look so much alike!

Elbert, proud father of a new baby girl!

We took the kids to the park today for some bonding time.

Daisy has been taking over Cody's stuff. She's found his toy box, lays on his L.L. Bean bed, and whatever Cody does, she wants to do and vice versa. Cody's been getting a little bit jealous here and there, but I'm sure after a few weeks when he realizes that she's here to stay, he'll give in.

A prime example of whatever one does, the other follows.

Welcome Daisy!!


dionne said...

yay! a new addition!!! congratulations :o)

DanK said...

CODY! LOOK OUT there's a coyote in your bed...

and i think it's a man killer...