Thursday, June 26, 2008


For those of you who are queezy when it comes to gross things... Ta-da! Remember the shot of Cody's butt a few blog entries back? Well, the other day Cody got an allergic reaction on his skin and he decided to bite that sucker to death. So we took him to the vet today... and they shaved his butt and put antibiotics on it! Poor butt!

and of course... Cody had to get a satellite dish around his head so he won't bite at it. This must be the worst day ever in his whole entire life! He looks so defeated!

Maybe if I just close my eyes really hard, it'll all just go away...

Dad thought the satellite dish needed some decoration and added a sticker...

Cody is NOT having a good summer so far... First, he gets into a fight and now has a pink scar over his nose, and now he's got a shaved butt, an open wound, AND a lamp shade over his head!

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DanK said...

it needs more decoration...kinda like a tiffany lamp or something..

poor he can't lick his pp