Monday, September 13, 2010

End of Summer Beach Outing.

The last time the Bear and Daisy went to the beach was back in May, two days before I went into labor and popped out a baby. It was right before Memorial Day. The kids HATE it when Memorial Day comes, because that means they won't be able to run free at the beach until after Labor Day in September! They'd have to stay on the leash at Dog Beach in Del Mar all through the summer. Well kids... Fret no more! It is after Labor Day, and you guys deserve to run like the wind at the beach!

There are always tons of extra tennis balls lying around at the beach for the kids to play with. Here's Cody and Daisy going after the same ball!

Geez Daisy! Is that a big enough jump over the smallest little ripple? :)

The Bear going long into the waves to get the tennis ball!

Fun times! The beach is definitely the kids' most favorite place to go! :)

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ra_husky said...

what great pics, wooos are so lucky!!