Monday, April 6, 2009

Doggie Play Date at the Park!

Today was one of the usual Doggie Play Date gatherings at the park down the street, and oh boy! Cody and Daisy had a blast with some of the neighborhood doggies today!

Cody found a fun stick to play with for 2 seconds before he was off chasing another dog:

And they played and played...

Here's a cute video of Daisy playing with Bella, a lab puppy who has quickly outgrown Daisy!

After playing hard in the afternoon sun, Cody and Daisy decided to be snobs and separate themselves from the rest of the pack and lie down in the shade, away from everyone. Geez... can't take these snobby kids anywhere! (Especially after Cody peed in another dog's water bowl! How embarrassing!!!)

I think after the pee incident, it was time to take the kids back home. :)

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