Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Finally! The day (or night since we celebrated on Christmas Eve) has come when the kids got their goodies from their stockings! Wow! Candy cane bones, and surprise surprise! Patrick is back! Well, a mini Patrick:

Although the mini Patrick was in Cody's stocking (Daisy got a toy bone that says "Bite Me" on it haha), Daisy missed Patrick so much, she stole it from Cody and wouldn't let him out of her... mouth...

Aunty Kimi and Uncle V got the kids new animal toys as well! So cute! (Thanks Kimi and V!!) But again, Daisy thought ALL of the new toys were hers...

Cody finally got a hold of some new toys... He figured he better lay on top of them to keep them safe. I think Daisy stole them from him within 5 minutes haha.

Christmas Day was celebrated by eating their new candy cane bones! Boy was Daisy excited!

Cody couldn't wait to get his paws on this goodie!


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