Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poor Patrick!

We left the house for about an hour to go play tennis last night and when we got back, there was a murder scene upstairs!!! Patrick, the cutest blue, curly sheep, had been murdered!

Cody was trying to sniff for evidence on who did the crime... Hmmm... Where's Daisy?

Let's take a look at the good times we had with Patrick:

Here's Patrick being a good sport by getting beat up by Daisy:

Patrick being a fun sun-bathing companion with Cody:

Taking a mid-day nap with the Bear and Daisy outside:

Being a referee for Cody and Daisy's wrestling match:

Daisy's body guard making sure no one steals her rawhide from her:

Rest in peace Patrick!!!! You will be missed! :)

Patrick: March 2008 - September 2008.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OOO poor Patrick but he gave his stuffing for a good cause. You have done some funny stuff here before but this might be the funniest so far!