Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today was officially "Cody Day"

First thing in the morning, we took Cody to the beach where he ran around like a crazy dog! doesn't this picture look like he's rabid? maybe he is crazy, just like mom!

We then headed to Pipes cafe to have brunch... sorry for the crotch shot, but it was just too cute to see Cody's head pop up to see what we were eating... he did get the occassional sausage and scrambled egg droppings...

We then headed to PetSmart and got him some new toys and a new, meaty knuckle bone!

whispering sweet nothings in the sheep's ear... he learned that from dad...

man, and it wasn't even his birthday today... we just thought he deserved to be spoiled for the day. :)

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