Sunday, November 4, 2007

Up to NO good.

Cody's been a bit clingy these days. Maybe its because he's getting used to sleeping in our bed on the weekends, or maybe the million other things we do that classifies him as a spoiled dog. Anyway, we left him his gigantore knuckle bone thing to keep him busy while we had gone out to the gym for a few hours this afternoon (his birthday bone he got from The Dolphins! Thanks Cat, Dallas and Riley!), but when we got home, we found the couch in disarray! Hmmm.. i wonder what's behind those pillows? He's usually pretty stealth about it!

What's behind door number 1?!?!

How about what's behind door number 2?

Oh geez... Here's Cody looking for a possible door number 3...

So i guess this is what he does while he's home alone!

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