Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Cody Bear!

Yesterday was Cody's 1st birthday. Not only did he get to go to Day Care for the first time this week (since he's been stuck indoors all week from the fires) to celebrate with all of his friends, he got to blow out a candle and get presents and treats from his crazy parents (who really need something better to do!) :)

Here is Cody's first birthday picture: (no, the card was NOT from us- it was from PetSmart. and never mind that the candle says 0 haha):

ooooh and what is this i see? a birthday present is it?

open it! open it! open it!

what did you get Cody?!

WOW-WEE! a football!!! go chargers!!!

1 comment:

DanK said...

you guys are the Greatest Dorks Ever!